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早幾日在LA舉行的SIGGRAPH 2017已經完畢 , 部份有關會議的影片都可在官方網站即時觀看及重溫 , 在這裡我們搜集了相關的影片連結 , 可讓大家慢慢重溫 。
這麼多影片相信都要點時間去消化…..同時, 如果大家發現更多影片連結成或更新 , 可留言告之 , 感謝 !!!

【SIGGRAPH 2017】Technical Papers Fast Forward

【SIGGRAPH 2017】Keynote Address – SIGGRAPH 2017 is honored to have Floyd Norman, the first African-American animator to work for Walt Disney Animation Studios, as its keynote speaker. This keynote session will be in an interview format, allowing you to come and hear about the life and career of this Disney legend.

【SIGGRAPH 2017】Award Talks – The ACM SIGGRAPH Awards program recognizes individuals who have made a significant contribution to the computer graphics community through their research, teaching, service, or writing.

【SIGGRAPH 2017】History of the JPL Computer Graphics Lab – This panel celebrating the lab’s 40th anniversary includes the lab’s principal scientist, two of the principal engineers, and the artist-in-residence. They present an overview of the operations at the lab, summarize the tasks required for NASA mission support, show excerpts from the lab’s productions, and discuss how they were produced. They also describe how the lab’s history is being prepared as a graph database to enable dynamic, context-sensitive navigation, including browsing it in VR.

【SIGGRAPH 2017】Technical Papers : Fluids Control & Synthesis
Data-Driven Synthesis of Smoke Flows With CNN-Based Feature Descriptors: This work efficiently synthesizes detailed flow volumes with large repositories of pre-computed space-time flow data.
Efficient Solver for Spacetime Control of Smoke: This efficient solver for dense optimal control of smoke animations utilizes a spacetime multigrid and achieves an order-of-magnitude cceleration.
Interpolations of Smoke and Liquid Simulations: This paper presents a novel method to interpolate smoke and liquid simulations to perform data-driven fluid simulations.

【SIGGRAPH 2017】Talks :
A New (Virtual) Reality at The New York Times – This talk describes how the New York Times began its immersive adventures and why they are exploring it seriously as part of their larger mission.

【SIGGRAPH 2017】Real-Time Live – Developers create and showcase the best real-time graphics and interactivity applications possible using today’s technologies. The winning team is announced from the Real-Time Live! stage.

【SIGGRAPH 2017】Technical Papers : Image Texture & Completion
– Programmable 2D Arrangements for Element Texture Design
Introducing a programmable method for arranging geometrical elements in textures. One designs each arrangement by writing a script, which allows easy iterative design of complex structures.
– Deep Correlations for Texture synthesis
This texture-synthesis technique builds on CNN and its features, and introduces a structural energy, based on correlations among features. The technique can synthesize textures with structures of various scales, local and non-local, and the combination of the two.
– Patch-Based Optimization for Image-Based Texture Mapping
This novel global patch-based optimization system for image-based texture mapping corrects misalignments by synthesizing an aligned image for each source image. The patch-based approach is effective in handling large inaccuracies and outperforms state-of-the-art techniques.
-Globally and Locally Consistent Image Completion
This novel architecture for image completion based on convolutional networks uses two auxiliary networks to learn both locally and globally consistent completion, including novel-object generation, which achieves natural completion for challenging scenes such as indoor rooms and human faces.
– Nautilus: Recovering Regional Symmetry Transformations for Image Editing
This fully automatic approach to detection of complex symmetries in images under perspective distortion enables multiple interesting image editing tasks previously possible only with extensive manual intervention.

【SIGGRAPH 2017】Course : Build Your Own VR Display: An Introduction to VR Display Systems for Hobbyists an Educators (Stanford) – This comprehensive introduction to VR/AR technology teaches how to build a head-mounted display from scratch. Topics include the graphics pipeline, stereo rendering, lens distortion, head orientation tracking with inertial measurement units, positional tracking, spatial sound, and cinematic VR content creation.

【SIGGRAPH 2017】Talks :
Realities of VR Production – Visual Effects for VR: This review of the creative process using examples ranging from Hollywood VR to The New York Times examines VR photography and photogrammetric reality-capture techniques, and explores the linkage between tried-and-true VFX trickery and the illusion of a virtual reality.
Building an Animation Pipeline for VR Stories: This talk introduces a suite of tools built in VR for creating and reviewing animations. It also discusses animation principles for VR from the artist’s perspective.
The Making of Google Earth VR: This talk discusses the journey of the Google Earth VR project from early prototypes to its final launched stage: how the production team designed 3D navigation, visuals, sound, and haptics, and turned it all into a shipping product, and what they learned along the way.

【SIGGRAPH 2017】Course : VR Interactions – When VR is done well, experiences can be brilliant and pleasurable, but when it’s done badly, frustration, fatigue, and sickness can result. This course discusses the most essential concepts of perception and action, comfort, input device classes, design tradeoffs, hand interaction, and development patterns that yield successful VR interaction design.

【SIGGRAPH 2017】CG in ASIA – Final Fantasy XV / Square Enix

【SIGGRAPH 2017】in Japanese + Japan CG Showcase

Advances in Real-Time Rendering Siggraph 2017 – DECIMA Engine Advances in Lighting & AA

Presentation Powerpoint download :

SIGGRAPH 2017 Technical Sessions Presented by Intel (DAY 1)

SIGGRAPH 2017 Technical Sessions Presented by Intel (DAY 2)

【Foundry@SIGGRAPH 2017】- Blur Studio – Far Cry 5 cinematic (觀眾地下版本)

【Foundry@SIGGRAPH 2017】- Industrial Light & Magic – A Starwars Story : Rogue One (觀眾地下版本)

【Autodesk@SIGGRAPH 2017】- The Future of Storytelling

【Autodesk@SIGGRAPH 2017】- Beyond Media and Entertainment: How AR & VR are changing design

【Autodesk@SIGGRAPH 2017】- Character Creation for Beauty and the Beast with Framestore

【Autodesk@SIGGRAPH 2017】- Virtual Production to VR with CBS Digital

【Autodesk@SIGGRAPH 2017】- Scaling Beyond Four Walls with Jellyfish Pictures

【Autodesk@SIGGRAPH 2017】- Smart Content: Empowering Creators to Work Smarter, Not Harder

【Autodesk@SIGGRAPH 2017】- Open@ADSK – Integrating Effective Open Source Practices in Media & Entertainment, and Beyond

【Autodesk@SIGGRAPH 2017】- What’s new in Arnold 5

【AMD@SIGGRAPH 2017】-presentation of AMD Capsaicin Siggraph 2017

【SideFX@SIGGRAPH 2017】- The VFX in “Attraction” | Mikhail Lesin | Main Road|Post

【SideFX@SIGGRAPH 2017】- Getting Started with Grains | Rob Stauffer | SideFX

【SideFX@SIGGRAPH 2017】- Crowds | Cameron White | SideFX

【SideFX@SIGGRAPH 2017】- Rigging and Muscles | Scott Keating | SideFX

【SideFX@SIGGRAPH 2017】- CHOPS and Constraints | Guillaume Laferriere | SideFX

【SideFX@SIGGRAPH 2017】- Boolean or not Boolean: Fun with Fracturing | Steve Knipping

【SideFX@SIGGRAPH 2017】- Procedural Scattering in Houdini Engine and Unity | John Moncrief | Pluralsight

【SideFX@SIGGRAPH 2017】- Houdini 16 Games Tools Updates | Luiz Kruel and Michael Lyndon | SideFX

【SideFX@SIGGRAPH 2017】- Procedural Level Building in UE4 | Rob Magee | SideFX

【SideFX@SIGGRAPH 2017】- Castle VR Overview | Rob Stauffer | SideFX

【SideFX@SIGGRAPH 2017】- Virtual Authenticity: Houdini for VR Storytelling | Winslow Porter | New Reality Co.

【SideFX@SIGGRAPH 2017】- Procedural Rock Formations for UE4 | Saber Jlassi

【SideFX@SIGGRAPH 2017】- Sneak Peek – TopoBuild 3.0 | Fianna Wong

【SideFX@SIGGRAPH 2017】- Believability in Procedural Modeling | Anastasia Opara

【SideFX@SIGGRAPH 2017】- Lighting and Rendering | Scott Keating

【SideFX@SIGGRAPH 2017】- Procedural Modelling/LookDev | Matt Ebb

【SideFX@SIGGRAPH 2017】- SideFX Intern Project | Feather Tools | Tight Rzankowski

【SideFX@SIGGRAPH 2017】- The Secret Language of Houdini | Robert Magee

【SideFX@SIGGRAPH 2017】- How to get a Job | Industry Panel

[The Khronos Group@SIGGRAPH 2017] – Vulkan, OpenGL, OpenGL ES BOF


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