CGV - Siggraph Asia 2010 LIVE

Coex Convention & Exhibition Center

Graphic displays of incremental, preliminary, partial, and innovative insights that are important but not fully developed. Posters are displayed throughout the conference week in a high-traffic area within the convention center, and presenters discuss their work in scheduled sessions.

POSTERS 項目一向都是排列在多人流及當眼的地方,每板張貼都展示有關大學或機構的研究項目。 有的POSTER字細及鋪滿板面, 站著去看得久的話都頗為辛苦,所以不少參觀者都先拍下照片記錄下來,之後才慢慢研究。 其實FULL CONFERENCE 的DVD 內亦已收錄所有 項目的 PDF 版本 ,不過PDF 與張貼出來的版本會有些不同。

我們在六十多份POSTERS 中 選了十六份不同範疇的項目,在此與大家分享一下 :

[ Interaction ] Reiki | The Dark Light -- Chieh Jen Chen, Chin Hung Teng
[ Production ] A Task-Parallel Programming Language for Interactive Applications -- Duncan Tebbs
[ Rendering ] Final Gathering using Adaptive Multiple Importance Sampling -- Yusuke Tokuyoshi, Shinji Ogaki, Sebastian Schoellhammer
[ Production ] The design and application for interpersonal communication interface by using the technology of face detection and gaze tracking -- Chieh-Ming Chang, Wen-Shou Chou

[ Modeling ] Intuitive 3D Caricature Face Maker -- Yoon-Seok Choi, JiHyung Lee, Bon-Ki Koo
[ Image & Video Processing ] Real-time Integral Photography Using Extended Fractional View Method -- Masahiko Yoda, Kazuhisa Yanaka
[ Image & Video Processing ] Fast Patching of Moving Regions for High Dynamic Range Imaging -- Zhengguo Li, Zijian Zhu, Shiqian Wu, Susanto Rahardja
[ Image & Video Processing ] Fast and Symmetry-Aware Quadrangulation -- Er Li, Xiaopeng Zhang, Wujun Che

[ Animation ] Rendering Method of Multiple Reflections on a Semi-Cylindrical Mirror -- Nobuhiko Mukai, Tomoaki Hirano
[ Rendering ] Feature-Based Probability Blending -- John Ferraris, Feng Tian, Christos Gatzidis
[ Animation ] Scene(ic): Performativity and Visual Narrative in Amateur Digital Photography -- Erin Ashenhurst, Thecla Schiphorst
[ Animation ] New Cloth Modeling for Designing Dyed Patternsg -- Yuki Morimoto, Kenji Ono

[ Modeling ] Bounding Volumes for Implicit Intersections -- Galina Pasko, Oleg Fryazinov, Turlif Vilbrandt, Alexander Pasko
[ Image & Video Processing ] Object Motion Based Video Key-frame Extraction -- Cheolhun Jang, Seungyong Lee
[ Rendering ] Interactive View-Dependent Rendering with Culling for Articulated Models in Crowd Scenes -- Dohyeong Kim, Pio Claudio, Tae-Joon Kim, Sung Eui Yoon
[ Virtual and Augmented Reality ] A 3D Active Touch Interaction Based on the Meso-structure Analyzing -- Kazuyoshi Nomura, Wataru Wakita, Hiromi T. Tanaka

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