Looking For Projects Coordinator

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Looking For Projects Coordinator

文章HerbgardenLtd » 15日 1月 2019年, 18:40

Herbgarden was founded in 2008. We are mainly engaged in the post-production of multimedia work, with an expertise in film post-production. Over the years, we have accumulated experiences in visual effects for film industry. We have been participating in various films, which have been nominated for Golden Horse Awards or Asian Film Awards. In 2014, we have won the Hong Kong Film Awards in visual effects.

We are currently in search of a projects coordinator to join our team.

Job duties:
- Organize meetings and team celebrations
- Record meeting minutes
- Manage information flow within the team
- Providing administrative support as needed.
- Create Shot lists for team members

- Interested in a career in project management
- Strong determination to learn
- Interested in visual effect or animation works on TV commercial or feature film projects
- Ability to work under pressure
- Enthusiastic and positive working attitude
- Good communication skill, responsible and highly organized
- Fresh graduates are welcome

Please send resume and showreel with link to: recruit@herbgarden.com.hk
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