Modo 501 部份新功能(非官方announcement)

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Modo 501 部份新功能(非官方announcement)

文章ed209 » 29日 10月 2010年, 13:22

1.Modelling: the 401 modeller is probably the best on the market, in 501 it is hugely improved by using technology from Pixar:
• the main improvement: less loops are needed lo control geometry.
• a large number of small or bigger changes, will probably make modelling much much faster, and remove some annoying repetitive actions
• for Brad, snapping was a independent topic from modelling. For me it belongs in modelling and it really looks more user friendly in most common situations.

• Quoting Brad, my sculpting is as good as my Japanese (I am French and Romanian), so I am not the best person to leave impressions on this topic
• what seemed to be the main point: the new Pixar modelling engine allows the creation of multi resolution Mesh Sculpting

3.Preview: the 401 preview render was the fastest on the market, in 501 it is faster and has many more options, of which:
• diagnostics (reminded me about Mental Ray diagnostics)
• IC Hold > obvious preview speed accelerator
• progressive refining > the image is previewed fast, then improved, and improved…

4.Rendering: the 401 renderer was very fast (it's difficult not to agree for us, who work with other 3D software too) > in 501 is it much faster
• Brad said that an average gain of 30% to 50% in rendering time is to be expected, but most of the examples he showed us were more than 3 times faster (and some of them also looked better)
• bump in 501 looks much more like displacement, and it is still faster than in 401
• many other enhancements that must be seen to be understood (in my opinion)

5.Animation: rigging a mechanical device went from difficult in 401 to wow in 501, in my opinion
• a new schematic view (node based) does an excellent job in hiding complexity
> I truly believe that many modo users will begin animating in 501. I am sure I will !

6.Help: the help system seems completely reworked, and looks much better
• Users will be able to improve is (probably with a Luxology Moderator)

7.SDK: the modo 501 engine is finally open and the first examples were wow !
• Rigid body dynamics plug-in from Eric Soulvie: Brad showed us several animations that looked good and fairly complex (again, in my opinion).
• Colimo plug-in from a Spanish company: a very enhanced 2D format that allows many 3D-like transformation, in real time.
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