Photoshop CS3 features from insider

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Photoshop CS3 features from insider

文章h2o » 12日 12月 2006年, 19:21

Photoshop CS3's interface will look and feel like of Adobe After Effects 7, with easy palette organization and brightness adjustment for the overall interface itself. Palettes can be moved, minimized, customized or collapsed down to a single icon with ease; even that familiar two-column toolbar can be converted into a narrower single column bar, if desired.

Live Filters
Another new feature substantially improving both workflow and raw performance is Live Filters, which effectively brings the dynamic editing features of Layer Styles to Filters. The pixel radius of a Gaussian Blur, for example, can be adjusted long after it has been applied with just a single mouse click. Sources report substantial performance improvements to the filters themselves, as well, and have speculated that Photoshop may now be tapping the GPU of the video card to help the CPU crunch filters.

Smart Layer
With regard to non-destructive editing improvements, sources report that layers can now be saved as smart objects that the new editable filters can now be applied to.

3D Objects
Adobe seems to have improved on virtually every application Photoshop is employed to handle. Sources say that 3D objects can not only be imported now, but their textures can easily modified, as well. Video support has also been improved with Photoshop CS3, allowing a film strip to be imported and saved as a PSD file with markers that Adobe Premiere and After Effects can read. In addition, a new Analysis menu includes a number of measurement tools sure to please engineers and 3D artists, while the new built-in Device Library contains listings for virtually every phone and smart device in existence, allowing users to preview how their creations will appear on the screens of such products.

Release Date
Adobe has previously said it is targeting the release of Adobe Creative Suite 3 for the second-quarter of 2007. Sources recently corroborated that date, saying an announcement in March or April seems reasonable given the current status of development.

p.s. it's not a news from offical.... just from someone's fd's fd...... :lol:
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文章sobig » 12日 12月 2006年, 19:55

CS2 都未install....suck
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文章stantang » 13日 12月 2006年, 00:07

I wonder how many people actually use the Smart object...
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