having problems with my computer???

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having problems with my computer???

文章andrey20 » 14日 5月 2018年, 19:15

I m really having problems with my computer and i aint no expert so everything ive done to rectify the problems i think may have made things worse. firstly whatever browser i try i seems to shut down, but i mainly use ie8, this can shut straight away or in ten minutes or after half and hour. im also getting the blue screen of death a bit to often - nIRQL not loess or equal - memory management - pfn list corrupt - npage in non page area. i did have kaspersky installed, but it started playing up, couldnt carry out an update (invalid binary file) i fully uninstalled it and installed avg free trila, that seemed to be okay for a little while then getting computer at risk, telling me to update but wont, lots of things im trying wont install or update, please help im going bloody mad (also think it might be a driver issue or security. I tried searching from Covoco but I couldn't find anything about it ! I will be greatful if you point me in the right direction.

Any help wll be appreciated.
Thank you
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