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SIMAGE - 3D Modeler

文章matthew_simage » 7日 6月 2022年, 13:57

SIMAGE is seeking for 3D Modeler to join our game production team.


• Creating high-quality characters, complex creatures, and weapons both technically and artistically.
• Creating and tuning surface shaders for in-game characters.
• Create realistic, full body character performances, including facial and lip sync using a combination of motion capture and key frame animation.
• Technical setup, integration, and performance optimization of animation assets within game engine.


• Working experience with Blender3D and Unreal Engine is a plus.
• Familiarity with game development process.
• Passion for Games is a must.

Please send detailed resume and expected salary, available date with portfolio links to Matthew Chow of SIMAGE animation and media ltd via email
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