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:: ManyMany Creations Ltd :: UNITY ARTIST

文章manymany_creations » 25日 2月 2022年, 17:51

:: ManyMany Creations Ltd :: UNITY ARTIST

- Experience to integrate and create CG environment in UNITY, STRONG LIGHTING AND/OR MODELLING SKILLS
- Good communication skills to work with creatives, CG artists and programmers
- Artistic background is an advantage.
- Please state whether you are max or maya user, or both.
- with blender, unity or unreal knowledge is an advantage.
- please state your expected salary and availability.

official 5 days work
OT at weekends as per project demands (with compensations)

Please e-mail or send your portfolio & resume to:
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註冊時間: 30日 5月 2006年, 16:27

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