Foonie Magus - Concept Artist / Illustrator

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Foonie Magus - Concept Artist / Illustrator

文章Sophia Kong » 25日 1月 2022年, 12:34

We are a group of passionate and fun-loving game developers brought together by a shared dream to produce unique digital entertainment experiences. Our energy levels are over 9000, watch out for our unstoppable charge into the future! For more details about us, please visit our website: &

At Foonie Magus, we believe NFT Games are more than just tools to earn, player ownership of game assets and blockchain technologies have the power to transform traditional gaming into unique digital entertainment experiences. We are constantly seeking high caliber candidates to join our journey in creating a better metaverse.

Concept Artist / Illustrator
Jobs Highlights:
Five-day work week
Develop groundbreaking NFT gaming projects with unique international IPs.
Supplementary crypto compensations based on contribution and performance.
Energetic environment with fun loving colleagues.

Conceptualize, design, and create 2D artworks, mood paintings and detailed production concepts for props, environment and characters.
Create stylized character illustrations.
Brainstorm and collaborate innovative ideas with our team.
Close collaboration with the Art Director to work on the visual style of the game.
Assist in the design and production of the company's promotional materials.

Degree / Diploma holder in Graphic Design / Multimedia Design, or related subject. Fresh graduates are welcomed!
Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and any graphic and interactive design tools.
Knowledge in 3D or motion graphics is a bonus.
Amazing eye for composition, color, lighting and mood.
Self-motivated, independent and responsible.
Willing to listen, learn and improve.
Able to complete the project under tight deadlines.

Working Location: Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

Please send your application and Portfolio materials to Miss Sophia Kong at Please include your current and expected salary in your resume. For information regarding our company and APEIRON IP please visit and
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