Enchanting Studio - 3D General Artist

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Enchanting Studio - 3D General Artist

文章Enchanting » 18日 1月 2022年, 13:19

Enchanting Studio Limited, a CGI studio produce high quality Full CGI feature film, TV series, and visual effects. We are now looking for 3D General Artist .

Duties /Responsibilities:

Create high quality character models suitable for feature film animation
Optimize, refine and correct model geometry

Develop, test, and maintain character movement and warp setups.
Setting up bones (skeleton) for characters, designing and setting up deformers
Designing gimmick-type control rigs

Surfacing & Texture Supervisor / Leader

Responsible for texturing dailies, quality control and ensuring aesthetic consistency. Brief texture artists and provide constructive artistic feedback to ensure this consistency.
Continual familiarity with new tools, software, and other related advances in the texturing/lighting pipeline.
Responsible for show wide texturing workflow documentation, mentoring and information dissemination.

Surfacing /Texture Artist
Create high quality stylized textures to a level of detail necessary for production assets
Create stylized or photo-realistic shading, depending on project requirement

Grooming Artist

Create hair, fur, and feather grooms for characters and environments
Work closely with other artists to ensure the best quality work is being produced
Communication with supervisors, production and able to show progress with the tasks assigned
Collaborate with supervisors to determine requirements and solutions for dynamics and layouts.

Lighting Supervisor/ Leader

Develop innovative solutions to complex lighting/rendering problems.
Evaluate and debug lighting setups. Work closely with the other supervisor to ensure that all 3D assets are brief, up to date and adhering to the Director’s vision.
Responsible for lighting dailies and quality control and ensuring aesthetic consistency.
Brief lighting artists and provide constructive artistic feedback to ensure this consistency.

Lighting & Compositing Artist
Work with Lighting Lead to ensure shots are lit and rendered efficiently, maintaining the expected render time, quality, and style across the production
Identify challenges to the Lighting Lead that could potentially impact timelines and delivery schedules
Troubleshoot noises, render times, and memory usage in modern tracing rendering
Using modern lighting and composition tools to create stunning work, keeping all shots consistent


Knowledge of a 3D Animation Pipeline
Comfortable with Maya, Photoshop, Nuke
Knowledge of Zbrush, Blender, SpeedTree is a plus.
Self-motivated, Having good communication and collaboration skills
Good time management skills ,and the ability to apply those principles towards effectively meeting schedules and deadlines

Working Location: Kwai Chung

Interested parties please provide resume, including an expected salary and portfolio or web-link by " Apply Now"

Personal data collected will be used for recruitment purpose only.
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