Aither Entertainment Ltd - 3D Artist

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Aither Entertainment Ltd - 3D Artist

文章Sophia Kong » 29日 10月 2021年, 12:54

Aither Entertainment is a mobile games development company founded in Hong Kong in 2016. The company pools together global talents to design game apps for users of tablets and smartphones with Apple iOS or Google Android operating systems. For more details about us, please visit our website: &

To support our continuous growth and expansion, we are now seeking a high caliber candidate for the following position.

3D Artist
Create photo realistic real-time game models including UVs and textures.
Collaborating with the art director and concept artists to set the visual style and quality bar
Ability to give and receive feedback with concept artists and character artists

2+ years experience as a game artist / visual development artist for games / CGI companies.
Experience using Zbrush.
Experience in a texturing Program such as Substance Painter.
Good understanding of current generation production workflows in relation to character art production.
Strong understanding of the human form / anatomy, and basic knowledge of lighting, composition and color theory.
Passion and enthusiasm in creating games and playing games
Oral and written communication English skills as well as good instructional skills.
Strong sense of machine,robot design
Experience on game engines such as Unity3D / Unreal.
Experience on Blender.
Experience on character setup – rigging and skinning
Excellent self-organisation and self-motivation abilities.
Experience on Physically Based Rendering(PBR) pipeline
Able to receive and give constructive criticism/ feedbacks
Comfortable to work in an International/English speaking environment.

Cover letter (recommended)
Portfolio demonstrating relevant artistic skills required
Only online artwork submissions will be accepted (e.g. website, blog or online album)
An art test may be required if the work presented doesn’t adequately demonstrate an ability to match our desired style for Acid Rain World
Additional portfolio such as hand drawn sketchbook will be required for the interview

Please send your application and Portfolio materials to Miss Sophia Kong at Please include your current and expected salary in your resume. For information regarding our company and ARW IP please visit and
Sophia Kong
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