Jinguo Games - Looking for Graphic Designer

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Jinguo Games - Looking for Graphic Designer

文章Jinguo » 26日 3月 2021年, 12:41

Jinguo Games, We are forming an experienced game development team, focusing on the development of large-scale computer games; mobile games and web games will also be developed one after another.

Graphic Designer

Job Description
-Responsible for game graphic design including game platform, gif advertisement.
-Create and maintain images and banners on existing websites
-Game image post-processing

-Proficient in software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects
-Proficient in skills of rigging, keyframing
-Willing to learn new things
-With great passion for game development

Job Types : Fill-Time, Permanent

Please send your application and Portfolio materials to Benny Law at hr.jinguogames@gmail.com.
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註冊時間: 26日 3月 2021年, 12:11
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