Enchanting Studio - Lighting, Comp Artist

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Enchanting Studio - Lighting, Comp Artist

文章Enchanting » 3日 7月 2020年, 20:23

We are seeking for Lighting / Comp Artist

Position: Lighting / Comp artist
• Experience in Lighting and Comp for at least 1-3 years
• Advanced in using Maya and Nuke. Scripting or programming experience is a plus.
• Designs and creates lighting and the look of computer generated objects and scenes.
• Perform all tasks associated with the compositing process, including 2D tracking, matte extraction, layering of elements and color grading.
•Ability to perform digital matte painting, texture painting, or paint/roto work is a plus
•Together with the Lighting Supervisor evaluate the creative and technical approach for assigned shots.
• Strong communication skills and analysis skill
• Must be able to work well in a team environment
• Official 5-days working but might need to work overtime on holiday due to job request

Interested parties please provide resume, including an expected salary and portfolio or web-link to info@enchantingstudio.com.hk
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