Basefount Release Miarmy Commander & DEMO 5

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Basefount Release Miarmy Commander & DEMO 5

文章basefount » 13日 11月 2012年, 12:39

Greetings, dear friend,

Thank you very much and it's our honor that you are reading this!!

It's been 3 months since our last post, Something news about Miarmy for Maya:
(If you don't heard about Miarmy and who we are, we sincerely invite you visit our sites:

Miarmy Commander & Miarmy 1.5.8 is relased
With Brand NEW DEMO 5 Youtube HD

Press Release News

Miarmy Commander Specified Introduction

Detailed Release Notes of Miarmy 1.5.8

Miarmy Express with full features include, Download Forever for Free
We invite you download 1.5.8 Package and New features Guide from:

Our next step:
Miarmy 2.0 will be released January 2013, with upgraded new engine and High Speed Low Drag!

Hope you enjoying our tools!
Best regards and have a great day!!

Sincerely Yours,
Basefount Team
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