Ocular Production is looking for Project Managers

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Ocular Production is looking for Project Managers

文章ocular3d » 11日 5月 2009年, 09:50

As part of our international expansion efforts, we are in the process of recruiting Project Managers to be based in various countries.
The successful applicant will be working together with our marketing and production team in Singapore.

You should posses the following:
1. Basic knowledge to operate AutoCAD and 3D Max (you are not required to draw with these software).
2. Working knowledge to understand Interior/architectural drawings.
3. Project management skills to coordinate and facilitate projects.
4. Contacts and knowledge of local interior design and architectural companies would be advantageous.

Your scope of work will comprise of:
1. Presentation of Ocularî–¸ services to interior designers and architects.
2. Management of individual projects (compilation of design information).

* we are keen to recruit 3D artists for this position; if you are planning a career switch from producing cg graphics to project management.

Please send resume to recruit@ocularproduction.com.sg

Thank you,
Mark Lim
Ocular Production Pte Ltd, Singapore
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註冊時間: 8日 5月 2009年, 14:54
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