CGV x SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 全票入場証活動 !!

一年一度的亞洲CG界盛事 – SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 將於12月3日到7日在 日本東京 舉行 !!
– The Biggest Asia CG event – SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 will be held in Tokyo, Japan from December 3rd to 7th!! –
CGVisual 討論區會員 – 答中一條簡單問題 即有機會 獲得 SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 全票入場証一張 * (名額共3名 )
[CGV – CG forum members will get 1 Full Conference Pass  for answer  a simple question  # (total: 3 passes)]

* 非ACM會員”全票入場証”價值為 $1500美元 /132,000.00日元 ( # Non- ACM Member “Full Conference Pass” worth around USD$1500 )

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A Full Conference Pass allows for admission to all programs:
Art Gallery | Computer Animation Festival – Animation Theater | Computer Animation Festival – Electronic Theater | Computer Animation Festival – Panel Sessions | Computer Animation Festival – VR Theater | Courses | Doctoral Consortium | Emerging Technologies | Emerging Technologies Talk | Exhibitor Talk | Featured Sessions | Job Fair| Keynotes | Posters | Real-Time Live! | Reception |  Technical Papers – Fast Forward | Technical Papers | Trade Exhibition | Virtual & Augmented Reality (VR/AR) 
  •  截止登記時間 : 2018年10月31日 ( 香港時間晚上十一時正 ) [ Participation Deadline : 11:00pm (GMT+8), 31st October, 2018] 
  •  得將結果公佈日期 : 2018年11月7日 [ Winner Announcement : 7th Nov, 2018] 
注意 :

  • 參加者必須為 CGVisual CG-討論區之登記會員,非會員如欲參加,請先行登記
  • 會員必須正確回答問題,方可有參與活動。
  • 每人只限參加一次,重覆登記作廢。
  • 參加者如選擇”Submit”以下表格,則表示你已經閱讀「SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 x CGVISUAL 有獎問答活動」之條款及細則 (英文版),並同意遵守及受此條款及細則之約束。
  • 下列表格只接受繁體中文、簡體中文及英文輸入。

Remarks :

  • This campaign is offered only to CG-forum members.To enter the campaign , please click here to register.
  • Member need to answer the correct question to enter the campaign .
  • Each participant is only allowed to enroll once. Multiple entries will be disqualified.
  • By clicking the “Submit” button below, you agree to all the Terms and Conditions of the “SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 x CGVisual campaign ” promotion and will abide by and be bound by the same.
  • The registration form below can only be completed in traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, or in English.


Please provide true, accurate and complete information about yourself as required. Organizer may terminate the result without notice if we suspect any information or any contents provided you is not true, accurate and complete.




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Terms & Conditions:
  1. Each participant is only allowed one entry to the lucky draw. Multiple entries will be disqualified.
  2. The winner(s) of the Full Conference Pass is not entitled to any publications or merchandise.
  3. Airfare and accommodation are not provided for.
  4. The Full Conference Pass is non-transferable or exchangeable for cash
  5. The campaign results will be announced on 7th NOV, 2018. Winners will be notified by email.
  6. The Organizer will contact the prize winners based on the information provided by the prize winners to arrange for collection of the Full Conference Prize provided by Koelnmesse Pte Ltd. If any information provided by the prize winner(s) is inaccurate or insufficient, or if the organizer is unable to contact the prize winner(s) and verify the winner’s identity within 2 weeks after the announcement, the prize winner(s) will be disqualified.
  7. Information provided by the participants and winters in the promotion will be used by / Animazu Studios for administering this promotion.
  8. All staff of / Animazu Studios / Koelnmesse Pte Ltd and their family members are not eligible to participate in the lucky draw.
  9. / Animazu Studios / Koelnmesse Pte Ltd reserve the right for any alteration or cancellation of the campaign, and has no obligation to provide explanation or prior notice.
  10. / Animazu Studios / Koelnmesse Pte Ltd reserve the right to refuse registration of or entry to any person to this campaign.
  11. All registrants shall abide by the regulations stated herein above.

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CGV SPACE 在 Beta 測試中 , 希望邀請喜愛發表有關電影/動畫 / 遊戲/ 科技 的朋友加入.... 留意CGV公布 !! 謝謝